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About Hosting and Domain Names

What is Web Hosting?
What does Domain name mean?
What are the advantages of having a Domain Name?
Why buy a Domain Name?
How do I go about getting one?
Why pay to have my site hosted when there are so many free hosting services?

About Your Hosting Account

What is a Control Panel?
How do I login to my control panel?
What do I do when I need help?
What does FTP mean?
How to Upload files to your hosting account?
How do I pay for my hosting?

For More Information- Log in to your control panel
You will find a comprehensive help file available on your control panel. The link to it is on the left side at the very bottom. It says "Documentation" and beside that 'click to view' or

Visit our Demo Center to view Flash Tutorials.

About Hosting and Domain Names(Answers)

What is Web Hosting?
Web hosting means finding a server on which to place (publish) your website so others can see it. Most Web Designers will be able to supply space for your site at a very minimal fee or be able to advise you on where to host your site. This gives a much more professional appearance to your site, with no pop up advertising to distract your visitors. Web Designers who offer webhosting have gone to much trouble to research the many servers available. .

What does Domain name mean?
Domain names give you a higher profile on the Web and they make you easier to locate. Domain names are portable. You can move your site at any time to any server and still be found because your domain name does not change. A Domain name must be registered yearly or every two years which ever way you choose. Failing to renew at the proper time will result in the loss of your domain name.

What are the advantages of having a Domain Name?
Having a domain name means you can change web hosting services without losing customers. Your new web hosting service will point people to the same web site. This way, you can to change hosting services to find a better deal, or receive better service without losing viewers or breaking links. Without a domain name, your web site name (URL) changes each time you move, which is confusing to customers.

Why buy a Domain Name?
Domain Names are a Business Essential In today's business world. A domain name and a web presence are a must. All major businesses have domain names. The Web is now a part of everyday commercial life and your domain name is your identity on the Internet. A business web site without a domain name is difficult to find and looks unprofessional.

How do I go about getting one?
There are hundreds of 'Domain Registrars'. There are many different prices also. We can recommend a domain name registrar or we can take all the confusion away and register your domain name for you. Contact us for registrar recommendation or with instructions to registrar a domain name for you.

Why pay to have my site hosted when there are so many free hosting services?
Here is a simplified response to your question. Free servers are great for those just starting out. The reason for having a website is to get people to visit, and view the things you wish to show them. Freeservers must exist by advertising. They place pop up ads, banners, or bars on your site. To do this they must insert javascripts into your html coding. This makes it very difficult for the search engine robots to index your site. Freeservers are not as fast, efficient or reliable. Visitors to your site find the advertising annoying and distracting. Ultimately, the choice is yours, freeserver or paid server. Discuss this with your webdesigner.

About Your Hosting Account (Answers)

Your Control Panel
Every hosting package comes with its own control panel. You can control all aspects of your hosting account.i.e. From setting up email addresses to checking your sites statistics, it can all be done from one easy to use, graphical interface.

Control Panel example Click on the control panel example to see larger view

Log into your control panel

In your browser address bar put this (substituting your own domain name) http://yourdomainname/cpanel 
Your username and password are included in your welcome letter which you received upon sign up.
Please remember to logout when you are finished using your control panel.

Your Control panel includes:

Fantastico & Pre Installed Scripts

One of the great things about CPanel is its ability to integrate with other scripts such as Fantastico.

Fantastico is an "Add on" to CPanel that lets you install over 30 scripts with the click of a button.

Here are some of scripts available via Fantastico:
Content Management
Customer Relationship
Discussion Boards
Guest Books
Image Galleries
Mailing Lists
Site Builders
PHP Auction
Polls and Surveys
And more................ We are constantly updating and adding new scripts as they are released.

Check out the Flash tutorial for Fantastico here.
Visit our new demo center to view Flash Tutorials.
New flash tutorials will be added for various scripts soon.

What do I do if/when I need help?
Contact us via email, or ICQ or MSN messenger. The contact info is on the support page of this site.

What does FTP mean?
FTP means 'file transfer protocol'. This refers to sending or downloading files from your hosting account.

How to Upload files to your hosting account?
You will need FTP software to upload your files to your account. There are many options available. We use CuteFTP which is available from
There are some free FTP software packages available also. One of them is FileZilla and is available here.
You can also use the file manager on your control panel to upload files to your hosting account.

How do I pay for my hosting?
You will receive your invoice via email and will be given a link to follow so that you can login to pay your account. Here is the link Once you are logged in, click on the billing tab at the top. You will be given the option to pay via PayPal or by personal cheque or bank transfer.


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